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Loan Facility


  1. Make sure that the application form is properly filled out. Only properly filled-up forms shall be processed.

  2. For Seafarer - Borrower, submit the following:

    • Photocopy of Valid ID of Co-Maker.

    • Photocopy of first (2) pages of Borrower's passport

    • If Married, Submit a Marriage contract

  3. For Employee - Borrower, submit the following:

    • Photocopy of both sides of a valid identification card

    • Signed Authority to Deduct from HR

  4. For ISNTC Employees, an Endorsement letter signed by the President                                        

  5. For Hartmann Officers, submit Post-dated checks

  6. For LYDIAMAR, submit a Certified true copy of the following:

    • Passport

    • Medical Certificate

    • Contract

    • Recommendation Letter

  7. If the borrower is an Affiliate, submit the following:

    • Photocopy of valid ID

    • Post-dated checks

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