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Parenting in a Digital World

In an effort to continue delivering services that will improve communication among the members of our seafarer’s family, particularly the children, MMPC in partnership with ASM held its first digital parenting seminar dubbed as “Parenting in a Digital World” on May 25, 2013. The seminar is a modified version of previous parenting seminars delivered with the aim to educate parents and stay attuned to the times.

Attended by members with their wives, land based employees and some representatives from the community, the participants learned ways to guide and guard their children in the use of digital media. Practical guidelines on how to protect and discipline children against the rampant and irresponsible use of the internet and social networking sites were also discussed by Mr. Herald Cruz, head of Ateneo-CEFAM, parenting cluster.

To extend its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within its community, MMPC welcomed the participation of the members of the community represented by the parishioners of Our Lady of Assumption Parish. With this simple effort, MMPC hopes to kindle a healthy corporate family and a healthy community.

Judging from the event’s success, MMPC with ASM will endeavour to bring this seminar to our families in the Visayas and Mindanao. Also on the drawing board is to craft a module with the help of Ateneo CeFam for a learning session to be participated in by children of our members and shore-based employees on how to responsibly take advantage of the benefits of technology.

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